Enrich online teaching with interactive tools

Enhance online or blended teaching with the use of 3D animations, digital labs, VR, AR, interactive quizzes and games.

Online course for teachers

What you’ll learn

  • Design engaging lessons using impressive 3D animations with mozaWeb educational platform..
  • Foster participation and collaboration by using revision quizzes and games that you create in Wordwall and Mentimeter..
  • Captivate attention with innovative instruments such as digital interactive labs, Google Earth, virtual or augmented reality..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 2 lectures • 8min.
  • Spark curiosity through surprise –> 9 lectures • 55min.
  • Gamify the work –> 3 lectures • 12min.
  • Make it interactive –> 5 lectures • 41min.

Enrich online teaching with interactive tools


  • No, everything you will need is in the course..

Online course for teachers

Deliver innovative high-quality digital education. Design engaging courses, learn how to integrate spectacular educational resources that capture learners’ attention, boosting participation. Enhance your online or blended teaching with the use of 3D animations, digital labs, interactive quizzes, augmented and virtual reality.

Challenge: “Pupils are not as involved online.”

Our proposal: Integrate tools that create magic in education.

The lack of direct connection with the teacher and the lack of a formal learning framework in the classroom generate a decrease in students’ motivation and involvement, a greater difficulty in maintaining their attention and overall lower participation. This determines us to be creative and to find innovative solutions to spark curiosity and desire for knowledge.

The main advantage of integrating spectacular resources in online teaching is that pupils will be curious and eager to discover the resources offered, thus stimulating them to get involved in class, to complete tasks through play, being driven by their own desire to explore. Thus, we minimize the need for external push from the teacher or the parents.

You learn at your own pace.

  • Understand how to integrate digital tools in the teaching act.
  • Access videos that explain everything step by step.
  • Come back to class at any time to practice.