German grammar – word order

Find out how German word order differs from English and learn the rules to help you make great German sentences.

Are you a German learner who is struggling with word order?

What you’ll learn

  • Understand where the verb goes in basic and complicated sentences..
  • Understand what ‘time, manner, place’ in German word order means..
  • Understand which conjunctions push the verb to the end and which don’t..
  • Understand when to use ‘nicht’ or ‘kein’ and where to position ‘nicht’..
  • Understand in which order to place object pronouns in German sentences..
  • Understand how to use relative pronouns..

Course Content

  • Introduction to the course, the instructor and Udemy –> 4 lectures • 10min.
  • Word order – the basics –> 13 lectures • 49min.
  • Word order more complicated – conjunctions! –> 17 lectures • 1hr 4min.
  • Making sentences more interesting (and complicated) –> 14 lectures • 1hr 7min.
  • Conclusion –> 2 lectures • 1min.

German grammar - word order


  • You should have some knowledge of the German language..
  • You need pen and paper for some exercises..
  • You’ll need a printer if you wish to print out some of the handouts..
  • You may also want to sit in a quiet room without too much background noise..
  • Are you a German learner who is struggling with word order?
  • Do you find it difficult to work out where the subject, verb and object goes?
  • Do you wish you knew what it means if a book or teacher talks about ‘TMP’?
  • Do you know which conjunctions push the verb to the end and which don’t?
  • Do you know what relative pronouns are?

This course is for any German learners. It is designed to accompany the learners as they progress through their German textbook or lessons. It  is not necessarily designed for you to work your way through from beginning to end.

If you are a beginner, then start with the beginners’ section and move on at a later date.

If you are an intermediate student, then you might want to watch all the beginners’ videos to revise what you have already learned, or pick those bits that you are still struggling with before moving on to the intermediate section.

If you are an advanced student, you might also want to check out the beginners and intermediate section as there might be things you’ve forgotten or not realised. If you do find a topic that you know well, just move on.

It doesn’t matter how quickly you complete the course – it isn’t a race – the important bit is that you understand the German word order!

German grammar seems to be very complicated but is actually very logical, and this course will show you with very basic sentences how logical it is. By going back to basics with easy sentences, you will make sense of the German word order. You will know which conjunctions do what and how to use relative pronouns.

With the help of the videos, handouts, quizzes and worksheets
this course will take you from “Ich verstehe nicht” to “Ich verstehe”!

How is this course different from other courses?

Most German courses or textbooks cover many topics, but not always in great detail. Normally, there is a tutor to explain more. That can be a problem for those who are teaching themselves as they might not have anybody to explain further.

My courses are in depth, easy to understand and come with worksheets, quizzes, assignments to help you practice what you have learned.





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