Learn German Language A2.1: German A2 Course [MUST see 2020]

? Learn German A2 Language Grammar made easy in English for beginners: Complete German Language course. Learn A2 German

A2.1 German Course:

What you’ll learn

  • Learn easily the German Beginners Level Grammar.
  • Feel confident with Basic Conversations in German.
  • Master the Goethe A2 Exam.
  • Understand the cultural historical background and mentality of the German language and people in its basic.
  • German Language beginners.

Course Content

  • Past Times –> 7 lectures • 3hr 5min.
  • The Future & Indirect speech –> 2 lectures • 52min.
  • The Passive –> 5 lectures • 2hr 5min.

Learn German Language A2.1: German A2 Course [MUST see 2020]


  • Watching the following previous course is required: Learn German Language A1: German A1 Course [MUST see 2020].
  • Have 3 color pencils or markers (red, blue and green) handy, 1 big notebook, 1 small notebook and several single blank papers..

A2.1 German Course:

Experience German Language Grammar for beginners!

“German Grammar A2 made easy”


German Language Grammar is hard to understand? This course will blow your mind! You will learn everything about the German times!

For you, I simplify the rules with an easy to understand German Language Complete Course with a color-based system. You will even learn to spot by yourself the logical reasons for the existence of the A2 German Language grammar rules.


Would you like to experience your ” Learn German Language grammar for beginners ” course like an individual Face to Face Online lectures with:

• a Native German Language Speaker

• a Former Intercultural Communication Army Officer

• with experience in 48 countries, learned 5 languages by himself, teaching German for beginners for 5 years with 5 stars reviews

• and captain of a Viking Ship 🙂


German Grammar made easy is how to learn German fast on a digestible long term!


So why do people give 5 Star reviews to this German A2 Language method? See links in my profile description to find the reviews of the German Language complete Course. German for beginners lead to results, like:


“Kevin […] approach always keeps you attentive. It´s like watching a thriller–except you are learning!”

• Allen Shor, Panama


“[…] the wheel of fortune is smiling at you. I truly enjoy the […] non-trivial lessons. I am really grateful for such an easy and interesting process of learning.”

• Kristina, Russia


“I highly recommend Kevin. […] he knows well the history […] of languages and explains […] logical reasons behind that grammar, idioms, structures, etc.”

• Andrey, Germany


Your German Language complete Course includes:

· Downloadable JPG Files to create your own German Grammar book

· 30-Day Satisfaction or money-back guarantee

· Access on computer, mobile, and TV


I gladly guide you on your German A2 Language journey and will create with you your personal, individual German Language A2 in English grammar book.

Join your German Language A2 in English cruise! Learn German Language Grammar for beginners!


Experience your German Grammar made easy in this affordable German Language complete Course now to experience the new secret feeling of A2 German Language for beginners simpleness!

Book German for beginners!


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