Medium Voltage Switch Gear Complete Guide

Electrical Power System MV SWGR, Working Principle & Operation and Maintenace, Bonus of Capacitor Bank is included

Medium Voltage Switch Gear

What you’ll learn

  • Complete Package of Medium Voltage Switch Gear.
  • Understand the Circuit Breaker Construction, Operation & Interlocking.
  • Understand the LV Compartment.
  • Understand the Cable Compartment.
  • Understand the CB Compartment.
  • Understand the Busbar Compartment.
  • Learn about the Instrumental Transformers including the current and potential or voltage transformer..
  • Understand the Isolators and Bus bars in Power system..
  • Learn about MV SWGR Single Line Diagram.
  • Learn about MV SWGR interlocking.
  • Learn about Capacitor Banks..
  • Learn about the Circuit Breaker Mechanism.
  • Learn about the MV SWGR Explain by 3d Simulation.
  • Learn about the MV SWGR HRC Fuses.
  • Learn about the MV SWGR Voltage Detecting devices.
  • Learn about the MV SWGR Maintenance.
  • Learn about the MV SWGR Operation.
  • Learn about the CB IEC Rating.
  • Learn about the CT,VT IEC Rating.
  • Learn about the Name Plate of various components of SWGR.
  • Learn about tripping & closing coil.
  • Learn about tripping & closing spring.
  • Learn about Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 7 lectures • 38min.
  • MV SWGR Complete Understanding –> 17 lectures • 2hr 51min.

Medium Voltage Switch Gear Complete Guide


  • Any one wants to learn about MV SWGR.

Medium Voltage Switch Gear

You will learn about MV SWGR, I have explained from basic level to advance level.

Following Topis are covered

  • Introduction of MV SWGR

Introduction to MV SWGR is divided in four compartments

  • MV SWGR Cable Compartment
  • MV SWGR CB Compartment
  • MV SWGR Compartment
  • MV SWGR Busbar Compartment
  • Operation Maintenance of SWGR, Interlocking
  • Msc Item of SWGR

MV SWGR in Detail

  • CB Mechanical Operation
  • CB Stored Energy Principle
  • CB IEC Rating
  • •Rated voltage, Ur (kV)•Rated lightning impulse withstand rating, Up (kV)

    •Rated frequency, fr (Hz)

    •Rated current, Ir (A)

  • •Rated short-time withstand current, Ik (kA)•Rated short circuit duration, tk (s)

    •Rated peak withstand current (kA)

    •Rated short circuit breaking capacity, Isc (kA)

    •Transient recovery voltage, TRV

    •Rated TRV (Uc) for circuit breakers intended for use on cable systems (Class S1)

    •Rated out-of-phase breaking current, Id (kA)

    •Rated capacitive switching currents

  • MV SWGR CB Compartment in detail
  • MV SWGR Componets
  • MV SWGR Mimic
  • CB Trolley
  • CB Trip Coil
  • CB Closing Coil
  • CB Closing Spring
  • CB Tripping Spring
  • CB Latch
  • CB Push button Operation
  • CB AUX contacts
  • CB Vacuum bottle
  • CB Terminal Types
  • CB Interrupter Unit
  • CB Trip Free Mechanism
  • Tulip, Jaw type Contact
  • VCB Contact Shapes
  • CB Mechanism
  • Anti Pumping Relay
  • Three Position Switch
  • Name Plate in Detail
  • Current Trasformer
  • CT Name Plate
  • CT IEC Standards
  • Types of CT
  • CT Primary & Secondary Data
  • Installation drawing of CT
  • CT Magnetization Curve , Saturation Region, Linear Region
  • VT in detail
  • Types of VT
  • VT name plate
  • VT IEC standards
  • VT Primary & Secondary Data
  • Cable Compartment
  • Cable Sealing End
  • Cable insulators
  • Type of Cable Compartment ( For Transformer, Feeder, Ring Main)
  • How Phase sequence is shown
  • Selection of Cable Sealing End
  • 1 Core & 3 Core Cable Sealing End
  • HRC High Rupturing Capacity fuse assembly
  • HRC on Mimic
  • HRC Fuse Feature, Mode of operation
  • HRC Fuse Selection
  • Busbar Compartment
  • Busbar Compartment IEC Rating
  • How to identify phase sequence in busbar compartment
  • VT,CT Connection at BB compartment
  • LV Compartment
  • Protection relays, auxiliary relays, control, alarm
  • Voltage detection system
  • For voltage detection according to IEC 61243-5 and VDE 0682 Part 415 with the following 

    voltage detecting systems:


    • LRM plug-in sockets


    • VOIS+, VOIS R+ (option)


    • CAPDIS -S1/-S2+ (option)


    • WEGA 1.2/2.2 (option)


  • Accessories of MV SWGR
  • Interlocking of MV SWGR


In an electric power system, switchgear is composed of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. Switchgear is used both to de-energize equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream

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