Popular English Slang

American, British, New Zealand and Australian Slang

Hey Buddy,

What you’ll learn

  • American Slang.
  • British Slang.
  • New Zealand Slang.
  • Australian Slang.

Course Content

  • A –> 3 lectures • 5min.
  • B –> 5 lectures • 7min.
  • C –> 7 lectures • 10min.
  • D –> 3 lectures • 5min.
  • E –> 3 lectures • 3min.
  • F –> 2 lectures • 2min.
  • G –> 10 lectures • 17min.
  • H –> 4 lectures • 5min.
  • L –> 6 lectures • 8min.
  • N –> 4 lectures • 4min.

Popular English Slang


  • Try to use the knowledge that you acquire in your daily conversations with native English speakers..

Hey Buddy,

Try to understand this:


I ain’t gonna do that no more

This confusing sentence means

I am not going to do that anymore.


How about this?

Gotta get outta here.

Which means

I have to get out of here.


How about the last one?

Whatcha gonna do?

This means

What are you going to do?


Feeling confused a wee bit (=a little bit), eh (=right)?

Just chill (=relax), mate (=friend).

THIS COURSE will help ya (=you) heaps (=a lot)

What will you learn?

American slang, British slang, New Zealand slang and Australian slang

After studying this course in detail, you can understand your favorite songs, movies and native English speakers.


Good luck,


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